What goes in the ground goes in the Sound!

Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Chemicals…. Oh my!

File:DDT spray 1958.jpg

picture credit :CDC Wikimedia Commons

There once was a time when it was thought that better living was a attained through the perpetual use of chemicals.  We were on the way to having a “pill” for every ailment.  Why not a chemical for every pest?  While the use of chemicals has been greatly curbed over the years, the most dangerous and residual being shelved; other chemicals have continued to be used with virtual amnesty. Often the less toxic chemicals are those which immediate effects are not felt until they reach the lower rungs of the food chain, farther downstream, or until the amount of its residue builds to toxic amounts. What is even more disturbing is that by taking out one part of an intricate biosystem, you can effect the whole in ways that is hard to predict. Take the removal of wolves from Yellowstone as an example Click here for story.

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picture credit: Jbellin171 wikimedia commons


So how can fertilizing and trying to get rid of those pesky black spots on your roses effect the ecosystem in Long Island sound? You might be surprised.

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